Tips for Students

If one wants to represent his personal opinion, which would be contrary to subjective content, so you can write an essay about it. The topics are usually in scientific, cultural or social areas, point to various points, and approaches in most cases a short form. Often want to write an essay in order to convince others of his opinion or idea. For this reason, it should also be built literary expression in chronological form. The topic is treated, since it is mostly the idea of a first vision, be very clear and simple as possible and contain little to no citations, footnotes, margin notes, or the like.

Types of essays

If you want to write an essay, you should first consider what form it chooses, as there are different types from which you can choose. There are four types, which are used very frequently. A form if you want to write an essay is an argumentative essay. This form is compared to only the positive and negative arguments and is less polarized. , The focus is only on the positive or negative arguments; we get rather a convincing essay. The descriptive essay provides the reader with information about a particular object, a person, or the like. Compares with the narrative essay that represents a particular time or a sequence of events from the perspective of a person.

Structure of an essay

Before you want to write an essay, you should think about a title. This is not compulsory, but gives the dish a completeness.

An essay, as well as other texts

There is an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In the introduction, usually in the first sentence, the author presents his position succinctly represents. Additionally, you can then briefly describe the topic and outline the structure of the essay.In bulk then the hypotheses are formulated precisely.

One should always look for the “red thread” in order to obtain a coherent text. The circuit can now pick up the most important positions again and summarize. One can also raise other issues and thus raise one approach for further action.