Writing an essay: Content and writing style

Here are some helpful tips and advice that are useful for the formulation of the initiation of a discussion.The initiation of a discussion has primarily the task of informing the reader about what the issue, on which the text is based.

It should therefore contain information that gives the reader a first indication of what is expected in the following, on what facts they relate.For this, makes sense to choose a current issue and to refer to newspaper accounts or, in the case of a bound text discussion.At the same time the introduction of a discussion to be written in response to animate the addressee for more, but in return may not contain too many considerations to the arguments of the main part not to withdraw too much action or act judgmental.Take up opinion and personal opinion that is not heard in the introduction and should only in the final again. In summary, one could say that the summary must inform and animate.

Tips and Tricks

Ideal way formulations such as “you” in preference to “I”, for example “You could notice changes” instead of “I could see changes.”

The end of the introduction should be made possible by a question. This has the advantage that the reader indirectly asking you to form their own judgment and at the same time arouses curiosity, which represents the opinion of the author.

Examples of a successful introduction

A small example to illustrate the above-mentioned issues: The theme is a smoke-free environment.A fitting introduction would, for example, the federal government has ruled: must not be smoked in restaurants and pubs, and not just to the end of this year. Many people are shocked that restaurateurs expected financial and lose all ask the question: Is this ban necessary or is it this is just another chicane?

Since the initiation of a discussion in general will be the first thing the reader reads, therefore, this part is not to be underestimated. At the sametime, an attractive introductory nothing in the way, if the above points are internalized and applied.